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AdriaticMoS is a common project of all Adriatic countries with the aim of creation of unique and common strategic development document for development of Motorways of the Sea system. Adriatic MoS Master Plan is a regional segment of East Mediterranean MoS Master Plan which is a strategic document of the European Commission and guideline for future development activities. All Adriatic countries will, by the implementation of this project, get, for the first time, common development strategy in the transport. By encouraging and implementing MoS system in the region, modal shift from road to intermodality is maximally stimulated, which has, as a consequence, decrease in pollution, road traffic load and development of economy. This is, in the end, a specific result of this project.  Furthermore, as a result of the project, network of experts and authorities (MoT and Faculties) which will be formed through this innovative approach in common project implementation and which will in the future be the generator of common collaboration and coordination in Adriatic transport, will have additional benefits.

 - Adriatic MoS

National Dissemination Events: Albania - 18 dec 2013

AdriaticMoS Project

Conference for promoting the project.

Venue: Tirana, Diplomat Hotel  

Address:  Rr. Sulejman Delvina, Nd.61, H1, 1022, Tiranë 

Date: 18.12.2013

Time: 09:30 – 14:30

Organizator: Institute of Transport (IoT)

 For more information: http://www.adriaticmos.info/1/news_2_2880216.html